Embedding is not a copyright infringement, Rome’s Court of Appeal stated


The Appeal  Court of Rome,  Special Section has determined that link to files protected by copyright or render its embed into your web pages does not constitute any crime and does not constitute sufficient activity to justify the seizure of a website.

On November 29, the Court accepted the appeal presented by   lawyer Fulvio Sarzana S. Ippolito (Law Firm Roman Sarzana and Associates ), who on behalf of the site Kisstube had requested the annulment of the decree of seizure.

A Rome court on beginning of november ordered the seizure of 152 Internet sites offering sporting events, football matches and movies in streaming for free.

This means websites such as rojadirecta.tv, socceryou.com, filmsenzalimiti.co and altadefinizione.video will be blacked out.

The reason of annulment is  easily explained: according Court  decision of the Judge of  preliminary investigations, was not aligned to the recently established by European Court of Justice, (i.e. case BESTWATER and Svensson judgments) the  which once again confirmed the legitimacy of the activities of linking and embedding from portals like YouTube.

It is the first time, in Italy, that a Court applies these principles.

The lawyer expressed his satisfaction.


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