16 Apr 2016

Team Members Profile


Studio legale presidente di cassazione

Dr. Carlo Sarzana di S. Ippolito, Honorary  president of the Court of Cassation, is registered with the register of Lawyers qualified to practice before the Court of Cassation.

Carlo Sarzana has been president of the Judges for Pre-trial Investigation at the Court of Rome.

He has held several position at the Council of Europe: in particular, he was been Vice Chairman of the Committee of Experts for the study of economic crime and cybercrime and Vice Chairman of the subsequent Committee of Experts for the study of procedural aspects concerning the fight against economic crime and cybercrime; these Committees drew up the important Recommendation no. R (89) 9 R (95) 13.

He previously directed tho researches funded by C.N.R. [National Research Council] on bankruptcy.

He co-authored some of the volumes of the theoretical-practical Commentary to the bankruptcy law edited by V. De Martino, published by PEM.

He was written extensively on legal, sociological, criminological and computer law issues.

he was lecturer at the specialization courses in techno-intelligence of SISDE:  he was lecturer at the specialization and refresher courses on the subject of investigation and scientific investigation techniques for Carabinieri officers.

Upon appointment by the CSM [Superior Council of Magistracy] he was a speaker at a number of study meetings and refresher courses for judges.

studio legale presidente di cassazione

Avv. Prof. Fulvio Sarzana di S.Ippolito

– He ‘s been a member of the Working Group on Public Connectivity System at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.
– He Drafted the legal profiles of the Internet Code of Practice and Children on behalf of the Minister of Communications.
– He’s appointed by ministerial decree of July 1, 2004, Member of the Technical Secretariat of the Study Committee for the reform of the Penal Code.
– He ‘s been a Member of the Technical Secretariat of the Committee of Ministers of Information Society chaired by Innovation Minister Stanca.
– He’s been members appointed by the Minister of Justice of the Commission for the dematerialization of activity of Public Administration at the Minister for Innovation and Technologies.

In February 2017 he was a candidate By Italian Senate, without being elected, as Commissioner for the Communications Authority (AGCOM), reporting 43 votes, behind the most voted Commissioner

In June 2018 he gave his written Opinion as an expert to the Commission for urgent matters of the Italian Parliament  for the implementation of the General Privacy Regulation (GDPR).


Fulvio Sarzana, together with the other Members of Sarzana e Partners Law  Firm, is a finalist for the year 2018, in the Associate Studies category, for the Privacy sector of the TOP LEGAL prize.