Uninettuno University of Rome: from 2019 the first University course dedicated to the law of blockchain, artificial intelligence and Internet of things (IoT).

The Faculty of Law of the Uninettuno University of Rome, within the degree course in Business Law, Labor and new Technologies, address Law of the digital society, corresponding to the L-14 Class of the Ministry of Education, ‘University and Research (MIUR), has activated from the 2018-2019 academic year, the course of

Comparative law of new technologies: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and IoT

Sector: IUS / 02

The teaching was entrusted to Fulvio Sarzana di S.Ippolito, Adjunct Professor at the same University and at Tamara Belardi, Contract Professor.
 The course aims to provide a comparative picture of the evolution that has affected the information technology law with specific reference to the internal discipline and that of the main civil law and common law systems.
In particular, the course will focus on emerging technologies: the blockchain, the artificial intelligence and the internet of things, or the Internet of things.
The Course will analyze with great detail the legal profiles of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain in the public and private sphere in European countries and in extra-EU regulations.
 Particular attention will be given to the constitutional, Italian and comparative profiles of the subject and to the principles enshrined in the most significant international documents.