COVID 19 app: privacy and/or health

COVID 19 app: privacy and/or health

On May 26th, from 14.30 pm (CEST Time, Rome) to 20.30 We invite you to join the Seminar on line: “CovidThon, Privacy & Tech GlobalView”.

The best lawyers and jurists from around the world will discuss the Anti Covid-19 tracking apps.

Prof Fulvio Sarzana di S.Ippolito will be a panelist.

Privacy & Legal Tech Lawyers

From New York to Seoul to Rome, Madrid and Bogota, the speakers will take turns speaking in a continuous interactive seminar which will be broadcast for a whole day.

Contact tracing, where people potentially exposed to a disease are notified so they can be tested and potentially treated or quarantined, has been seen as a potential way to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Contact tracing apps, which alert users when they have been in contact with infected people, could be an aid to control the spread of Covid-19.

How well such apps will work, and whether people will install them in sufficient numbers to be useful, remains an open question, with some surveys indicating people are skeptical of the technology. Experts and activists have also expressed concerns about erroneous results and privacy concern

COVID 19 app: privacy and/or health

Apple and Google have developed software toolkits to let public health agencies build iOS and Android apps to enable automated phone proximity detection via Bluetooth, and many state and local agencies have begun hiring people to manually trace contacts of those infected with the virus.

Some of the questions the speakers will answer Are anti-Covid apps useful? Decentralized system based on Google and Apple or centralized system? Data control or voluntary download of the app? Privacy and / or right to health?

Decentralized model of app
The app chosen by Italian government is called “Immuni” and has been the subject of intense debate among politicians, experts and parts of civil society, a debate which contributed to a significant shift in focus, both in terms of the software’s architecture and of the way citizens will be required to use it.

Italy has in fact introduced a decentralized exposure notification management system

The decentralized model  chosen by Italy should interact with Apple and Google efforts to create a platform that would allow every smartphone to build a decentralized record of the other phones it has interacted with, without having to upload it to an external server.

The app system is  in fact based on a mixed decentralized and  centralized model.

 It means that exposure notification
system takes place at the device level of individual smartphone owners
but citizens’ infection data and identifiers would have been stored in an external database managed by the government.

The seminar will be in english.

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