14 Jul 2016

Areas of Practice law firm

Areas of practice law firm

Information Technology, Communications & Telecoms

This is the only Italian Law Firm of Italia specialising in the Field of Information Technology, communications and Telecoms. In his practice sarzana & partners drafts, reviews and negotiates technology-related agreements such as software licensing, privacy, software development, hardware acquisition and maintenance, consulting and professional services, database licensing, on-line services, joint venture, outsourcing, telecom, MVNO, WI FI and WI MAX agreements, and provides a wide range of other services for businesses involved in the development, distribution and use of information technology, healthcare technology, telecoms and intellectual property assets

Corporate and Commercial Law

Sarzana & partners provides domestic and foreign corporations and entities – commercial and non commercial – with legal assistance on general corporate and commercial matters. The Firm offers a range of legal services involving the incorporation of companies and has developed expertise in all matters of corporate governance, ranging from administration and control structuring to board and administrative activities. Sarzana & Partners has developed a specific expertise in mergers and acquisitions.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property portfolios (patents, trademarks and copyright) are one of a company’s most important assets and must be strictly enforced. Our broad complex and commercial litigation experience includes handling antitrust and distribution-related matters for clients in a broad range of industries.

We also offer comprehensive antitrust litigation services, defending and prosecuting antitrust counterclaims, defending infringement claims, and enforcing patents, copyrights and trademarks. We counsel clients on avoiding liability for patent, trademark and copyright infringement and unfair competition. We create strategies for protecting intellectual property rights without litigation but we are prepared to represent clients in any forum.

Criminal Law

Sarzana & Partners has criminal defense attorneys dedicated to defending individuals and businesses accused of committing serious crimes for example

• Computer Crimes • Conspiracy • Credit / Debit Card Fraud • Disorderly Conduct • Domestic Violence • Drug Distribution / Trafficking • Extortion • Forgery • Hate Crimes • Hackering • Indecent Exposure • Identity Theft • Kidnapping • Manslaughter • Money Laundering • Murder: • Perjury • Prostitution • Rape • Robbery • Securities Fraud • Sexual Assault • Stalking • Tax Evasion / Fraud • Telemarketing Fraud • Theft / Larceny • Wire Fraud

Taxation Law

Sarzana & Partners provides comprehensive global legal services for domestic and international businesses, partnerships, foundations, individuals, entrepreneurs and their families. At the Law Offices Sarzana & Partners we offer solutions to your tax problems. The firm’s Tax Practice specialises in international Tax planning and corporate structures. Domain Names Disputes The administrative assistance on domain names in the country code “.it” views Sarzana & Partners as one of the Italian Managing Bodies in the field to operate alternative dispute resolution in reference to the so called “reassignment procedure for domain names”: a special section ( Link all’ente conduttore) is available for claims and on-line procedure.

Antitrust Law

The Firm provides assistance in Italian and EU Antitrust Law and in all proceedings about unfair competition.

Administrative Law

Sarzana & Partners offers a range of legal service in the matter of administrative Law and Public Tender especially in the field of tender’s procedures and documentation arrangement. The firm has strong experience in the field of the project Financing and Public Private Partnership. The Firm provides assistance in administrative litigation before the competent Judiciary Authorities (Regional Administrative Tribunal T.A.R. and State Council).


The principal goal of our dynamic Litigation Department is to act for our clients in the most effective and efficient manner. Sarzana & Partners represents clients in civil, criminal, administrative litigation at all levels. With strong professional and academic credentials as well as extensive trial experience in all Courts, our attorneys have successfully represented clients in virtually every area of civil, Criminal and Administrative litigation.

Areas of Practice law firm