The First italian book on the law of the Metaverse

The first  and unique italian book on the law of the Metaverse is from today avalaible  in all bookstores and online stores


“The Law of the Metaverse.

NFT, DeFI, GameFi and Privacy”


by Fulvio Sarzana di S. Ippolito-Marco Pierro-Ivan O Epicoco

Giappichelli publishing House, Turin, 2022.


The authors.

Fulvio Sarzana di S. Ippolito graduated in Law at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” summa cum laude.
He ‘s lawyer since 2000 and owner of Studio Legale Sarzana and Associates with offices in Rome and Milan.

Fulvio Sarzana is Adjunct Professor at International University of Rome UNINETTUNO, Faculty of Law.

Prof. Sarzana holds two courses: Digital Administration Law and Comparative Law of New Technologies: IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

Sarzana is also Professor of Blockchain and cybersecurity Law at LUM University of Bari.

Marco Pierro is lawer and Teaching Assistant of Blockchain and cybersecurity Law at LUM University of Bari.

O Ivan Epicoco  is blockchain consultant and of Blockchain and cybersecurity Law at LUM University of Bari.

The publisher.

Founded in 1921 by Modesto Giappichelli, a janitor at the University of Turin who had the idea of opening his stationery shop right next to the Rector’s Office, becoming over the years a point of reference for many great academics who have passed through the University of Turin, the Giappichelli publishing house is now the leading Italian legal publisher in terms of number of academic texts published and adoptions, with 10,000 authors and 5,000 volumes currently in the catalog.

The book.

As with any groundbreaking technological development, the metaverse will raise novel and complex legal issues.

What does big impact games like roblox and fortnite have to do with decentralized finance?

Do the NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, that have made sparks in the virtual art world have a future?

And, again, is it possible to speak of liability for damages in the metaverse and of criminal behavior?

 Will personal data be monetizable in the metaverse, and if so, how?

How do you protect your creations in the metaverse?

Will cryptocurrencies replace traditional finance?

What you will find in the book

The text is the first and only complete Italian publication on the metaverse and its legal implications.

200 pages packed with international jurisprudential and legislative cases and national examples, 300 bibliographic notes in English, German, Spanish, French, from the major international legal journals.

The book traces the main events of cryptocurrencies and the evolving regulatory scenario, focusing on the recent changes that have affected Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The processing of personal data in the metaverse constitutes another qualifying profile of the text.

The protection of copyright and intellectual and industrial property in the context of innovative technologies is tackled by analyzing the first jurisprudential cases around the world.

The accountability of avatars and the possible commission of crimes in the metaverse is explored in light of existing legislation.

The text then deals with the legal and technical problems of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and dwells in depth on the functioning and risks of DeFI, studying its impacts on the most innovative models of decentralized finance, from so-called lending between private individuals up to liquidity pool.

The responsibility of cryptocurrency exchanges is analyzed in the light of news stories that have occurred in recent years.

The study of the regulatory profiles associated with these new forms of finance led the Authors to analyze the regulatory initiatives of the EU and of the Anglo-Saxon countries, as well as the more or less obstructive approaches of China.

Stablecoins and state-guaranteed digital coins are addressed from a regulatory perspective.

The responsibility of the avatars constitutes a fascinating regulatory challenge that the text addresses from a dynamic and current point of view.

The book can be ordered on the online store of the Giappichelli publisher