Film and music streaming sites are lawful: first judgment in Italy.


Canceled a fine of almost 600,000 Euros for copyright infringment  against portals of streaming,, , and

For the first time, a judge recognizes the reasons for the defense.


For the first time in Italy and in Europe a judge overturned a sanction, of almost 600,000 euro, against sites that allow  to see pirated films by online streaming.

The ruling, revolutionary compared to the historical sector, was issued by the Court of Frosinone ( Rome district of appeal)  in February and is learned today through the lawyer Fulvio Sarzana, who was hired by the manager of the sites (,, , and

“The Court , rules that the indication of links may not qualify as making direct disposal of files protected by copyright law.

Judge has recognized as lawful the portal activities and this despite the presence of advertising banners.

The judge in fact ruled as file sharing, ie the sharing of files protected by copyright, is a saving of expense and not a for profit business.”

And then you can not apply in those cases, the penal provisions of copyright law and the resulting administrative sanctions.

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