Legal issues on reporting #meToo

This discussion will focus on the legal issues surrounding coverage of the #MeToo movement, with U.S. and Italian perspectives on issues including sourcing, confidentiality, defamation, and reporting when sources have non-disclosure agreements. The discussion will highlight some of the legal risks and best practices for reporting these issues https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4XmRN1L-RFk

Webinar #GDPR on telcos, media and ISP’s sector

WEBINAR  on April 16th at 11am #GDPR on telcos, media and ISP’s sector What will be GDPR’s  (General Data Protection Regulation )  impact on telecos, media and ISP businesses? Telcos risk big fines under imminent Data Protection legislation The impact of GDPR on telcos and internet service provider companies will be far greater than just the Read more about Webinar #GDPR on telcos, media and ISP’s sector[…]