Law And Ethics In The Digital Age


Law And Ethics In The Digital Age

Conference on the legal and ethical aspects of artificial intelligence, 12 April 2023.

Technology is changing how we think, talk and act.

How do we decide what is right and wrong in an age of connected people and machines?

How do we hold powerful companies and governments to account? How should technology be developed and deployed in areas where the law seems to be silent or disputed? In other words, what is ethics in the digital age?

Debating Ethics’ is a way to kick-start this debate and instil a sense of responsibility and commitment in those who are shaping our new world through the development of new technologies.

It is a way to explore the differences between how the world currently is and how it should be, through identifying the values at risk and what must be done to preserve them.

Debating digital  Law and Ethics In the Digital Age is ensuring that human beings, not technology, remain our primary consideration in this digital era.

Law And Ethics In The Digital Age