Sarzana & Partners file appeal at TAR

Sarzana & Partners file appeal at TAR

An ISP organization has launched a legal challenge against new Italian legislation that authorizes large-scale, preemptive piracy blocking. Fulvio Sarzana, a lawyer representing the Association of Independent Providers, informs TorrentFreak that the measures appear to violate EU provisions on the protection of service providers and the right to mount a defense.

Pirate FireIn response to constant claims by Italy’s multi-billion euro football and broadcasting sectors, that pirate IPTV services were “killing football” and there was no time to waste, this summer Italian lawmakers delivered.

Mandatory ISP blockades, set to take pirate streams offline within 30 minutes, were just one part of an overall package designed to turn the tables on piracy services and, if necessary, punish the Italian citizens who subscribe to them.

After being passed mid-July, the legislation received telecoms regulator AGCOM’s approval just two weeks later. On August 8, 2023, the new law went live.

The new ‘Piracy Shield‘ blocking system did not; according to the authorities, it simply wasn’t ready. The system didn’t go live in September either and thus far there’s been no sign of it in October, or any updates indicating even a tentative launch date.

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Sarzana & Partners file appeal at TAR